Goodbye KUFO

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

— nameless dolphin.


People of Portland, we are truly sorry to have had to do this, but the time has come to take KUFO off air.  As one listener noted, it was their go-to station for “rockin tunes” and we simply could not allow them to continue to compete with us.  A decision was made and now there’s only one place in Portland for “rockin tunes” — your friendly neighborhood animal r&r concert.   There are a couple coming up: March 24th at Slim’s and April 30th at the Tonic Lounge.  In between those, feel free to load up your mp3 player/iPhone/Droid with some tunes from Bandcamp or find us on iTunes or Amazon.


Recording…. and how much it really costs

Teppei from Thrice and Colin from Circa Survie break down the true cost of recording for AP. Go give it a read: Apparently borrowing $200k from the record label isn’t that much these days. Even if you’re self-produced.


By contrast, we spent ~$600 with Adam Pike @ Toadhouse for recording and mastering our EP. So if you’re in a band and don’t have Teppei’s or Colin’s access to corporate money bags, go talk to Adam.