our new EP, V2, will be out soon (mixing and mastering is finally done). As soon as we can finish up the artwork, we’ll have physical copies. In the mean time, here are the digital versions for your aural pleasure:

V2 by Animal R&R

one down, three to go

the Deathtrap America CD release was a great way to hit the ground running with Chris. Tight set, good adjustment to flying drumsticks, falling drums, and loose guitar cables. And even thought the blasted tow truck vultures tried to ruin our food truck run at 1am, the night was still a huge success.

As far as the rest of the year, we should be done mixing/mastering on the new EP (which still needs a name and artwork), and writing some new music. There are two more confirmed shows (one with our good friends AM Exchange) and one pending with Children of Nova that we’re REALLY excited about.

Things are back on track. Maybe that can inspire some more music.

Humane Society Benefit

We’re very proud to participate in this year’s Humane Society Benefit in Cottage Grove, OR.  It’ll take place on historic Main Street at the Axe & Fiddle on Saturday 07/09/11.  The building that houses the  Axe & Fiddle is part of the parade scene in Animal House.

To recap: animal r&r, Humane Society Benefit (good for animals), playing in a building that was part of the Animal House set. Should be easy to remember.

Animal house

Thanks to events outside of our control, we have been forced to relocate our practice space. The only logical (free, accessible, safe) option is my garage, which suffers from a lack of insulation, and an overabundance of stuff I don’t currently use.

Solution: WORK PARTY!!!

Here are the first few pictures. More coming soon.

St. John’s. You never disappoint

Getting home at 2am with a police report in your pocket is a special feeling….

To sum it up,  System and Station rocked our faces off. AZ beat Duke. Someone named “Chacho”, driving an SUV with vanity plates that said “MONNY” crashed into my beloved PT Cruiser, and left the scene. A cop showed up, wearing full sleeve tattoos, to take our statements, and talk about how only douche bags have vanity plates like that.

I didn’t quite know what to expect from this show at Slim’s, but considering the place was still buzzing when we left at 1:30, we’ll definitely be back.