happy 4th of july everyone!

Happy Fourth of July, y’all.

we just finished up a bit set of June shows, and we’re switching gears to get back into writing mode. It’s taking longer than expected, but we’re pushing on towards a full length.

thank you for your continued support.

new sounds. you dig?

First two writing sessions are off to a great start. We have two new song starts and we’re getting pretty ambitious about what we can get done in a few short months… maybe even a full length.

We’re also most likely joining Daniel G Harmann on his Portland stop this April at Rotture. Most likely this will be our first live set outside the writing cave.

time to hibernate!

It’s been a crazy autumn – new drummer, new EP, LOTS of shows, lots of new friends…

Now it’s time to hibernate. We’re taking a bit of a break from live shows to work on some new music, re-organize some gear choices, and stretch ourselves (3-part harmonies? glockenspiels? percussion? more pedals?). Hopefully by the end of our winter hibernation we’ll have a full-length or a new EP ready to record and play live.

We have a full recording setup in the practice space, so we’ll try to sneak out some samples.

… for all your animal r&r needs